Events Promotion.

Glass Box Group will increase your event's attendance.


From concept to event time, Glass Box will work with you to strategically develop an event that not only is entertaining, but meaningful to your brand.

If you have an annual event, e.g., fundraiser, distributor meeting, sales meeting, etc. and need to communicate it to existing members plus reach out to prospects, Glass Box Group will aggressively expand your reach, convey your promise and track the response.

I consider you all an extension of our IDEA Marketing Team!  eBiz was a success, and it’s because of the teamwork and effort of all of you! Thank you all for all you did to make this event what it was. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback about our team’s friendliness, organization, flexibility, willingness to help and work with others, putting together sessions and panels that interested our attendees, listening to customers, making special accommodations, integrating our parent company, and layering the Rockwell marketing campaign on top of it all! Excellent EXCELLENT job everyone!"

Dena Barrett

VP Marketing Director, IDEA