Glass Box Group's design process is both thorough and effective, ensuring clarity to your company's needs.

GBG Process-parts2-04


First define the problem: what user/customer/member problem will you be trying to solve? In other words, what is your strategic and creative challenge?

GBG Process-parts2-05


In this phase we block out any pre-conceived ideas, or personal biases and understand the challenge from both the company’s and target's perspective in order to find the best outcome.

GBG Process-parts2-06

Creative Marketing.

This phase involves combining your company’s goals with a strong brand and an influx of creative ideas to ensure an extraordinary message.

GBG Process-parts2-07

Strategic Development.

Research is the key. After exhausting our resources, we develop strategic directions and select the most promising to present  in order to achieve your company’s objectives.

GBG Process-parts2-08


Refining involves creating multiple iterations of the project, then testing the response. After this learning step, we refine the message and/or the visuals in order to deliver the strongest creative possible.

GBG Process-parts2-09-09


Once the project has been published and/or produced, your company will begin to see measurable results that ensure you’ve achieved your goals.