LivOn Labs Rebrand.


LivOn Labs is a multi-national vitamin and supplement company that was in need of a large scale, fully integrated marketing program. Glass Box Group implemented a full rebrand including a new website, collateral, social media and influencer programs, Google AdWords, and trade show support.

This new website, launched in early 2019, combines aesthetic appeal, responsive functionality, and full eCommerce capabilities to communicate and deliver LivOn Labs products to customers world-wide.

Increased Instagram following from 900 to 24,000 in three years

The new website garnered an 8% increase in sales over the same month in the previous year

The website's conversion rate increased by 40% and bounce rate decreased by 10%

Social Media

LivOn's Instagram following increased from 900 to 24,000 in three years, organically, without hiring a specialty agency or buying followers. We accomplished this with strategic partnerships and relevant and entertaining branded content.

We have employed several different influencer tactics to meet various objectives from follower growth to sales. We've done this effectively by understanding where each influencer falls in the purchase process. We chose which influencers to partner with by evaluating them on post performance as well as other metrics that may not be readily accessible. These influencers' followings have ranged from 500 to 1 million. We continue to work with influencers for objectives outside of social media, including in-person events.



While we are intimately aware of the best practices on each social network, we have consistently found the content that works for most brands does not resonate with LivOn Labs followers. Instead of trying to force best practice content on them, we adapted to create content they want to see. Seasonal content has consistently performed well for LivOn. We’ve been quick to learn new features in Instagram. For example, our early adoption of Instagram Reels led us to have a couple viral posts while the platform was prioritizing distribution of this feature. We've formed strategic partnerships with other brands to cross-promote products and increase our following. 

Seasonal IG post
Partner post


After redesigning and optimizing the website, sales immediately increased by 8% over the same month in the previous year, conversion rate increased by 40%, and bounce rate decreased by 10%.