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IDEA eBiz Annual Member Event.


The attendance and sponsorship numbers for eBiz—IDEA's annual member meeting—were dropping year after year. IDEA needed to analyze why this was happening and fix it.

40% increase in sponsorship

20% growth in attendance year after year

85% of attendees downloaded meeting app

The Challenge

The meeting was trying to be everything to everyone. IDEA was marketing it as a User Conference and the only eBusiness meeting dedicated to the electrical industry. One downside discovered was eBiz did not have consistent meeting dates or day rotation.


The Solution

IDEA surveyed attendees and non-attendees to discover the reasons why they attended, or would attend, the meeting. They participated in the forum to network with their colleagues and learn more about IDEA's products, e.g., IDEA Connector and IDEA Exchange.

Attendees also wanted to know what was new and different and plenty of time to meet with their colleagues. They told us September was the best month to attend eBiz.

The marketing team developed a strategy to increase the promotions and added discounts to get first timers to participate in the meeting and early registration.

IDEA then pulled in Glass Box Group to fully rebrand the event, implement new communications channels and overall, position eBiz as an exciting, information filled educational event with plenty of opportunity for networking.

[GBG-006] eBiz Postcard

The Results

Making the meeting consistently planned for September with the same rotation, creating a more cohesive, branded strategy, and defining the target market as product users and decision-makers allowed for: a 40% increase in sponsorship, 20% growth in attendance year after year, and 85% of attendees downloaded the meeting app.

In the end, 97% of attendees said they would recommend the meeting to their colleagues!