Glass Box Group is the clarity one experiences when strategy and creative intersect. Everything is transparent - Research, Direction, Process, Timeframe, Budget and Measurability.

Glass Box Group has every talent available from marketing strategy through creative concept, production and implementation no matter the medium. Experience clarity, join us in the glass box.

Business Strategy
Many times having an experienced and objective third party as a partner in planning and program development helps to keep thinking fresh. Glass Box has experienced many business scenarios from multiple business categories over 25 years and can apply this experience to your challenges.
Creative Marketing
Why would communications ever be divided between marketing and creative? Look at any campaign hailed as successful, and for the most part, you’ll find marketing that’s creative, nimble, faster than the competition, measurable, flexible and powerful. Glass Box takes your core marketing objective, strategies and tactics and adds a creative approach, or medium, or avenue of engagement that’s a surprise; the effort that catches your target audience off guard and engages them one on one while delivering your message.
Glass Box has always believed content is at the core of any successful communications effort. We offer experienced writers with individual areas of expertise covering the gamut from B2B to consumer, creative to technical white sheets and everything in between.
Social Media
Truly understanding the strategy behind social media is key. Controlling the medium with talented content developers and programmers yields the reach and engagement needed to post desirable results. Glass Box Group will develop, implement and maintain a strategic social media program for you, or supply you with the content to handle the logistics in house.
Graphic Design
Once you capture your audience, your message needs to visually engage the viewer immediately and communicate your key attributes. Glass Box strives to design with a clean, crisp and creative approach that draws people in and delivers your message right away. Knowing you, your company and your products prior to beginning any design effort is fundamental. Glass Box will invest the time to fully understand where you’ve been, where you are now and where you want to take your marketing efforts prior to any design time being spent.
Knowing our client’s company, the key driving forces behind the company, the product and the audience is where Glass Box begins a branding effort. A specialty of Glass Box is the reinvigoration of an existing brand since few companies can afford the time, and the budget, for a complete rebranding effort. Let us energize your existing brand, or if the time is right, completely rebrand your company.
Web Development
A passion of Glass Box Group! The web allows us to open our minds with our clients as to what can be accomplished from a content, design and programming standpoint. Given every aspect of our web projects being measurable, the intrigue of ROI and close results tracking starts with our first planning meeting. E-commerce, database development, client content management, not for profit online donations, complicated digital catalogues, promotions, and more...give our team a challenge and we’ll take it to the limit.
Events Creation and Management
If you have an existing event that needs to be reinvigorated, or want to expand your marketing mix by including an event, we have the expertise. From concept to management and day of logistics, events are a specialty service we offer.